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Chilli and spicy foods are appreciated all over Tibet, what better way to add warmth and flavour? Often the chilli is part of the dish, but more usually the chilli would be added by the diner much in the same way we would add salt and pepper to a western meal.

At the Wild Yak we have given a modern take on traditional Tibetan food with our Solo – chilli – dishes, and they are all cooked with chilli. Beef, chicken, or calamari are the stars of the Solo choices. And don’t miss out on our famous Chasha Shokpa Solo – chicken wings fried with fresh hot chillies, onions, tomatoes and coriander! And the recent special which has become an overnight favourite – Momo Solo, a dish of momos cooked in a spicy chilli sauce.

And not forgetting our signature Wild Yak chilli sauce, house made and served with our Momos.