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Yes, calamari, even although Tibet is a land-locked country with no real tradition of eating seafood!

As a Buddhist country, the eating of meat is done with gratitude and awareness that a creature has given its life. Tibetans believe it is better to eat one large animal which can feed many people rather than lots of small animals. So mostly yak, beef, sheep or goats are eaten, rarely anything smaller than that. Combine that with the logistics of fish and seafood traveling long distances safely, it has not been a staple of Tibetan cuisine.

Here is Australia it is a different food culture and we are committed to creating modern Tibetan food styles as well as maintaining our authentic traditional dishes.

And our calamari dishes are a delicious example of modern Tibetan cuisine. Try Calamari Solo, Tsel (with vegetables), Bedhai (a mild curry) or Nyamo-Kyurmo, a delicious combination of lemon, honey, tomatoes and herbs.