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Are a famous and highly prized ingredient in Tibetan cuisine. Many varieties grow all over Tibet, although some are only to be found in very specific locations or at high altitude. Any hot sunny day in a village will see piles of newly collected mushrooms drying on the footpath.

One special variety is a bright yellow and not easy to find. Because of its rich delicious taste it is loved by those Lamas who prefer to eat vegetarian food. So much so that this one is often called the “Lama” mushroom.

Mushrooms are also common picnic food, eaten on a day spent in the mountains. Cooked with a little butter and salt over a very hot fire, delicious!

Of course this yellow mushroom and the other popular Tibetan varieties don’t grow here in Australia so we replace with local champignons and the black fungus for our mushroom dishes.

Our Sarsha dishes can be enjoyed with beef, chicken or our special dish of Sarsha Tema – fresh mushrooms and snow peas cooked with ginger, garlic and tomatoes.