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Momos may well be the most famous, and well loved, of all the traditional foods of Tibet. No celebration or special occasion will happen without some of these delicious dumplings. Momos are not for every day, a lot of work and effort is required as each one is hand shaped around its filling.

A simple flour and water dough wrapped around a meat filling? Yes, but they are also so much more. The simplest momo will be a meat filling with some onion, Tibetan herbs and a little salt. But every region has its own specialty, and seasonal momos made when certain plants and herbs are available.

The Tibetan Nomads make meat momos, although in the spring they also make special ones with the wild garlic and other spring greens that grow on the high plains. The farmers tend to make more vegetable momos, often with mushrooms, potatoes and Dri cheese. (Or again in the spring, momos with nettles, the food the great Tibetan Yogi Milarepa ate so much of that he turned green!) There are even tsampa momos.


In Tibet, the meat used is usually yak or mutton, here in Australia we have no Yak but more meat choices. Wild Yak momos are made with beef, chicken, vegetables or cheese. We make all our momos by hand in the traditional way using the best possible local ingredients. You can enjoy them steamed, fried or pan-fried, all with our unique Wild Yak chili sauce.

Frozen momos are also available to cook and enjoy at home.


In every one of these hand made dumplings is the essence of

Tibetan food and hospitality.